Services On Your Farm

vet with horse

Routine Services - For Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Goats, & Camelids

Vaccinations                             Wellness Exams

Illness Exams                            Dental Floats & Extractions

In-House Fecal Floats                Electronic Coggins Testing

Lameness Evaluations               Pre-Purchase Exams

Equine Breeding Management   Castrations

Emergency Services - for established clients*

Colic Evaluation           Neonatal Foal Testing        Ophthalmic Traumas

                 Laceration Repairs                  Founder/Laminitis

Dystocia/C-Section                     Bloat                   Pregnancy Toxemia

*Please call for a routine appointment and establish a relationship before an emergency develops, so we may better know your animals and how to work with them in an emergency situation.

Diagnostic Tools

Digital X-ray On Site

Digital Ultrasound

Nasal and Larynx Endoscopy

Blood Lactate for GI Problems

Have Questions? Call us!

Service Area

Area for Ambulatory Services

Area for Ambulatory Services

Above is our current service area we cover for ambulatory calls. For those outside our area, we offer a few places around the region that will allow folks to haul animals in for examination and treatment. Please call the office for assistance if you are unsure of your location within the map.